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Welcome to Safeside BBQ - Minneapolis' newest and fastest-growing BBQ food truck! 

Our food truck is a haven for all BBQ enthusiasts in the city and beyond. 

Our menu features classic BBQ dishes like brisket, ribs, and pulled pork and creative options like our Waygu. 

We use high-quality meats and fresh ingredients to ensure every bite is flavorful. 

Our staff is friendly and our service is quick, making it easy to grab a delicious meal on the go. 

Whether you're looking for a quick lunch or a filling dinner, Safeside BBQ covers you. 

Browse our menu online and satisfy your cravings today by checking out our next location we will be serving at!*Untitled%20design%20(58)*png?alt=media&token=5ec86b44-3051-49ac-a027-9fb7ae171916
Our BBQ options are homemade and ingredients are all sourced locally. Get the taste of home that has been missing in the area!*Untitled%20design%20(60)*png?alt=media&token=bfb442cf-d181-4dd0-8685-2e3c12578b2b
Every order is loaded with a large helping so you get more than you bargained for!*Untitled%20design%20(62)*png?alt=media&token=121e9079-28ba-462a-a4e7-0ffff82cbe33
Our method has been handcrafted and fine-tuned over the years to maximize flavor*Untitled%20design%20(63)*png?alt=media&token=a03fe398-6a8d-4e61-a662-2dc85f17632f
Our sides are handmade from scratch and so good, you will want to kiss the cook!

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